Dechen Story

Founded in 1998, Dechen Consulting Group Inc. (DCG), is a global consulting and technology services company serving enterprises is the US, Europe, MEA and India. DCG is minority owned and certified, offering combined technology and industry best practices to formulate effective strategies and solutions utilizing our team of high-caliber professionals with accomplished finance, accounting, logistics, manufacturing, human resource management and information technology backgrounds proficient in suites from Oracle, People Soft, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce, Workday and SAP to name a few.

Meet our Team

High-caliber professionals with accomplished Finance, Accounting, Logistics, Manufacturing, Human Resource Management and Information Technology backgrounds who want more than the same view from the same desk. A-players, who can walk into an organization, evaluate the requirements, apply their skills and become part of the solution.

Our Offices

Dechen Consulting Group, Inc. (DCGI) was established in 1998 and is based out of Michigan, USA. Dechen now has offices in Ontario, Canada and Bangalore, India.

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